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Why are we passionate about Idea Stock?
Friendly customer service.
( 9:00am~12:00pm and 13:30pm~18:00pm from Monday to Friday)
Using the flexible credit download images.
Coporate with top foreign company, and have plentiful stock.
Have Unique photo from top photogragher.
Frequency update.
What are Credits?
Credits are 'tokens' that you can use to download and license content. A specific amount of download credits will be deducted for every content that you download on Idea Stock. The amount that you require for each download depends on the type of license you require as well as its size. You may continue to download content, as long as you have sufficient Credits in your account.
Will the download credits expire?
Credits pack expire after 12 months. However the expiry term will be automatically extended for a further 12 months if you purchase a new pack before expiry.
Amount Credit You Save(credits) Discount
NT$100 100
NT$500 515 15 97
NT$1000 1050 50 95
NT$2980 3240 260 91 recommend
NT$5000 5550 550 89
NT$10000 11500 1500 85
    How many credits do I need to download an image?
Image Size
Number of Credits needed 35 70 105 140 175 350